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Artworkz Gallery offers limited edition affordable printed art in the best quality and you will support a good cause: Kids Connection Haïti. A non-profit organization that helps children and young adults to go to school.

Artworkz Gallery is part of Artworkz for Good. 

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You will find high-quality custom photo prints at Artworkz Gallery and digital paintings to print yoursell at Artworkz for Good

All created by me, Jody van der Kwaak. I'm inspired by nature and my environment. I photograph outdoors and in the studio. My subjects are often found natural objects that I photograph in the studio to have all the focus on the object which I find art on its own.

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Art is very personal. Mass production is cheap but doesn't have soul like custom made art has. I believe creation and production of art need heart and soul to resonate with who you are. 

Do you love art and do you love helping others? Especially those who are less fortunate? You came to the right place. I offer both. 


Ever considered large size artwork? Let's say, 31 x 21 inches (80x60cm) and beyond. Does this sound scary to you? Let the fear go and feel the vibes of large size artwork that will uplift your space, amaze your friends and support orphaned kids in Haïti. 

Want to start with something smaller in size but equally big in impact? No problem, I hear you. I value all my products and your choice.

For custom sizes and materials, please contact me. I'm here to help you.


For art lovers who want to contribute in spreading happiness.

I want you to enjoy art and feel inspired by it. That's why I started Artworkz Gallery: to connect people through art. Art can tell a story, touch your heart and make you smile. 

Everybody needs art: your new house, your bare office walls, your grandma in her new home, a sick child, your parents who celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. To mention a few.

Art can contribute to healing, which is very much needed in the world right now.

Artworkz can you help with that. 

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Of all sales, 20% will go to Kids Connection Haïti. A non-profit organization founded by Astrid de Vries that helps providing children education and creates opportunities for young adults to thrive in life. Haïti is an often-overlooked nation where people like you and me live and who have a lot to offer, however, have less chances to move forward in life. Everyone deserves an education and a chance to make their dreams come true. We all benefit from contributing in creating a better world!

My goal is to provide funding to buy art supplies for the students of Kids Connection Haiti. I want to offer these kids the opportunity to develop their creativity and help them discover their talents. This is every human being's birthright.

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Got inspired? Together we can make a difference. It's rewarding and fun.

Contact details:

Jody van der Kwaak

10737 Sixth Line

Georgetown, Ontario

+1 905-5179952