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New Earth

We are already in February. Is it me or does it really feel like time is accelerating? It probably is an illusion as time doesn’t really exist. But that’s a different topic.

I would like to share something with you regarding the chaos that we are currently experiencing in the external world right now.

There is a lot of trauma in the world. So many people have suffered in this system of oppression and control. I have always been very aware of the inequality in the world, pain and suffering.

If we want to create a beautiful New Earth (which is possible if we want to), then we must heal first. And this healing starts on an individual level.

“Art is an effort to create, besides the real world, a more humane world.” ~ Andre Maurois, French Author

Art and any form of creativity can help with this. We are all co-creators in this world. We all have our own role in this play. And every human being deserves to develop personal skills and the right to do what one loves doing. There shouldn’t be restrictions or suppression. It’s every human being’s birthright to be who they want to be. Being who you truly are. We are here to serve each other, help each other. Not harm each other.

With kindness, compassion and creativity, we can create the most wonderful world. It’s a choice. We have the innate power to do so.

Let’s rise above the chaos and lift each other up and build a New Earth based on love.

If we can let go of the ego and embrace our true power we can absolutely restore what is broken in the world.

We need it, now.




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