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We just entered a new year. The new year hasn’t started great for millions of people around the world. There is so much chaos, it’s overwhelming. And overwhelm can paralyze us.

My mission is and has always been to lift the world with my art and to use one of the most powerful tools we possess to create a better world: creativity.

Creativity comes in many forms and skills. We all have some form of creativity. That’s what makes us human. We are more creative and powerful than we think and believe.

Together we can build a beautiful world when we find the power inside ourselves and no longer rely on powers outside ourselves.

That’s why I will continue with my life’s purpose: helping others & creating art and combining the two.

I have decided that real human connection is so needed right now and therefore I have taken distance from social media. I believe humanity is starving for realness and connection. Connection with ourselves, with our hearts, with each other, with Mother Nature and our creativity. And less with the digital world. A lot less because the world is on a dangerous path of losing humanity.

Digital tools can be great, I use them myself. Technology has advantages. But at the same time, it slowly pulls us into a world of fakeness and the opposite of our organic world, which we are part of. And I question if we as the human race truly progress and evolve this way.

We have to come together to work together to create that beautiful, peaceful world where we can all thrive.

Some believe it’s out of our reach and not possible. But I don't see it this way. The moment you think that you give away your power. We are incredibly powerful beings. We can move mountains if we want to.  

I’m sticking to creating art and helping others in an overwhelming, chaotic world where a lot of healing is needed.

The only way is UP! :-)

With love,


Image of a heart carved in a tree
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